Aug 232013

The western tradition and Life. Life, a wonderful thing, without it no one would exist to care about it. Life is everything to everybody, even those who believe in Life after death know, it is Life they seek… but more than Life… awareness.

You are aware. You are you. A beings life is its most prized possession; it will abandon all other things to preserve it. Some beings are more complex, some will sacrifice their own lives for others. This is for some, the ultimate sacrifice. A Life is unique, special in its distinctness, in many ways we are alike and predictable, but in many other ways we are absolutely unique.

All of our efforts should be to the preservation and encouragement of Life. The preservation of my life depends on the preservation of all life. I have a vested interest in life, as do you.

War does not preserve life.

Freedom preserves Life.

Make Freedom not War.

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Aug 202013

It is time for the Left and the Right and the Others to join in one common cause, we must rise up and let our voices be heard together, with all other issues aside, we must become as one and stop the surveillance. We must say NO to Big Brother. And if he won’t listen we must all turn everything off and stop paying the bills for any electronics until the government and the corporation take measures to insure and guarantee our rights and our properties. They have bitten the hand that feeds them, you are the Masters, it’s your call.

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Jun 262013

Sometimes when we think of a Hero from the past, we reflect on the record of their deeds and take the intended lesson away. But time is not kind to Heroes, time has a way of digging up the facts… some facts may support the hero view, some may not. How many Heroes of the past really weren’t heroes at all, now maybe even villains… We are living the lives that Wilson and Roosevelt wrought… We are living their dream, and it is our nightmare. Perhaps when they were living, all the accolades they may have received when they walked into a room was reward enough, history may not be so kind. We are all flawed and fallible and history may not be kind to us either, people change their minds… but that is no excuse not to stand up for what you believe now, because if you don’t history will choose your words for you, history will say you believed something you did not. There was a time when being a Nazi was a bad thing, and then it changed to just being German… There were a few Germans who managed to separate themselves from that label, the ones who spoke out. The Heroes.

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Jun 242013

It amazes me that it would only take 5% to declare and vote Libertarian, for the Libertarians to become the defacto “ruling” party.

Able to swing or cause a tie in all, but the most non partisan issues. Building coalitions with the left and right on each issue independently. Fifteen percent and you would be writing the tickets, able to swing super majorities, veto over rides..

Yet some of us want the people to come to Liberty on their own, by logical thinking, by reason and evidence and by the faith and hope for all of humanity that we may achieve peace and prosperity through freedom. You can’t force people to love liberty, you can’t force them to love themselves, you can’t force them to love their neighbor, love is not force, it is the absence of force.

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Jun 172013

There sure is some argument over Eric Snowden. Is he a hero? Is he a traitor? Fact is we don’t know. He could be one or the other or both or neither. The effect of what he revealed to the press however is to empower Americans in the struggle for Liberty. It may turn out that he is not a good guy, but the information released so far will enable good people to make progress toward a more free and open America. Some condemn him, some praise him. I’m not sure. I am sure we needed to know ( many already did ), and it happened to be him that hit the MSM. I hope we can discuss these issues calmly and thoroughly, I know I have already failed to do that. Try to resist the knee jerk reaction to defend someone who has benefited your cause, try not to attack someone you know nothing about but who has offended your closely held beliefs. Restraint in this emotionally charged time of our history may not be a welcome word, but it still what will serve everyone best. All sides on every issue, should practice a little restraint. To those who have been restrained for a long time this is hard advise to give, but it seems the only prudent coarse.


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Jun 132013

Well now that the general public knows what most Liberty activists have known for a long time, what will the effect be?
Will people stop calling phone numbers they don’t know, will they watch what they say and to whom they say it?
Will people finally take back control of their own lives and make it clear that if you violate their rights, no matter what uniform you wear you will go to jail?

Some say if you have nothing to hide who cares who is looking… yet the information known about you by strangers is more then you might disclose to your most trusted friends and family.

I say if the Government has nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear from the people.

Sure, we could all give up our phones, drop our cable connections, stay of the internet, stop using credit cards… that would surely make things change… they would promise our privacy and beg us to come back… but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen.

Maybe a solar flare will save us… in that case I hope you have done your homework on feeding yourself and family, taking care of waste, generating energy and so on…

What will save us? We will. Demand justice, put these parasites where they belong… in jail.. if they won’t prosecute them fire the prosecutors… demand your rights and don’t settle for nice words.

It is said we get the government we deserve… right now it looks like we deserve to be treated like serfs. Only you can change that. The only Magna Carta or Constitution that will truly protect you is not written on paper but in peoples hearts.

From my heart to yours I wish you Freedom, Liberty, Peace of Mind and good health.

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